70 INSTALLATION For on-site installations, the head and sill units are anchored to the building structure. The jambs are connected to the head and sill. They are not typically anchored to the building structure. This permits the jambs to flex with the channel glass under the wind load. Once the frames are anchored, the glass is inserted in a pocket-set method (see drawing below). For double- glazed applications, the second row of glass is inserted in a similar manner. After setting the glass with the proper spacing, the glass/frame perimeter and all vertical glass joints are properly sealed with silicone. Some interior applications may be “dry-sealed” using only gaskets and wedges. Please contact us for detailed instructions and installation manuals: linit@bendheim.com. Espirito Santo Plaza Parking Structure, Miami, FL by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. Approx. ¼”-thick lightweight glass in channel form is relatively easy to install. Any competent commercial glazier with curtainwall or storefront installation experience can handle the channel glass installation. No specialized training is required. Additionally, cranes may not be necessary, as individual glass channels are lightweight. The channels can be glazed on site (pocket-set), or, in some cases, pre-assembled at the glazier’s shop using Bendheim’s unitized frame systems. The glass channel is lifted into the head enough for its bottom edge to clear the sill, and is then dead-loaded in the sill.