6 DESIGN WITH LIGHT Bendheim’s U-shaped Lamberts® channel glass creates walls of light – with depth and profile unachievable through conventional flat glass. It offers a stunning alternative to traditional opaque building walls and flat architectural glass alike. Its ability to create seamless walls of glass in tremendous sizes and proportions is virtually unsurpassed. Creates virtually seamless glass walls that can be hundreds of feet long and can span across elevations Stands as tall as 23 ft. (7 m) in a relatively lightweight 1/4” (6 – 7 mm) thickness, facilitating design & installation Requires minimal framing, creating a uniform appearance with clean design lines Effortlessly forms serpentine curves and glass-to- glass corners Excellent acoustic performance: reaches STC 43 – better than 4.5″ (114 mm) batt-insulated interior stud wall All the benefits of daylight – with an added sense of privacy – in a range of light-diffusing, anti-glare textures Bird-friendly tested and certified Low CO2 footprint: produced using Lamberts’ oxygen-fueled glass-melting furnace, in 100% renewable-electricity-run plant, and with up to 40% post-consumer recycled content (EPD at bendheim.com/channel-glass) Bronx Library by Richard Dattner & Partners. Photo by Denis Fennin.