36 RAINSCREENS, VENTILATED FACADES & DOUBLE SKINS (SINGLE-GLAZED) KEY BENEFITS: – – Seamless expansive walls, up to 23 ft. (7 m) tall, featuring glass-to-glass corners and serpentine curves – – No vertical metal supports required – – Diffuse and control daylight and minimize glare – – Highly adaptable: can easily and seamlessly tie-in vision areas and change elevations & planes, while maintaining clean continuous design lines – – Frames can be specified in a variety of finishes and a virtually unlimited custom color palette – – Vertical or horizontal channel glass orientation – – Withstand high wind loads; fully tested to stringent North American standards for structural deflection, interstory drift, and severe seismic displacement in accordance with ASTM E330-02, ASTM E331, ASTM E283, AAMA 501, and AAMA 501.4 – – Unitized options for speedier installation Fort York Visitor Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Kearns Mancini Architects & Patkau Architects. A “ghostly,” translucent, expansive channel glass rainscreen defines the building and offers a robust layer of protection against wind and moisture. Shield structures from rain and wind with elegant ventilated channel glass facades. Facilitate visibility and natural surveillance, while preserving daylighting advantages. Bendheim’s systems are designed to accommodate open or sealed-joint applications. They can be installed as rainscreen facades (in front of a structural wall), or as ventilated facades (without a structural wall behind) – ideal for parking structures, stadia, and other non-conditioned spaces. https://youtu.be/Io_iB3Srj74