14 VISUAL PRIVACY & CONTROLLED DAYLIGHT https://youtu.be/4sLcBNOws18 Ultra-private Houdini™ channel glass features a heavily obscuring micro-fluted texture, delivering the highest level of privacy, while allowing maximum daylight. Channel glass creates uninterrupted walls of glass with minimal framing, making it ideal for daylighting applications. Channels of various textures and/or fritted colors can be set in the same frame to create a dynamic sense of privacy, forming translucent walls that seamlessly transition from relatively see-through to opaque. LIGHT TRANSMISSION OF DOUBLE-GLAZED CHANNEL GLASS WALLS: TEXTURED SURFACES AND INSULATION INSERTS ACT AS BUILT-IN DAYLIGHT CONTROL DEVICES Double-Glazed Channel Glass Wall Approx. VLT Uncoated 72% Low-E Coating on #2 Surface 64% Low-E Coating on #2 Surface + Insulation Inserts 37%