| 7 IDEAL APPLICATIONS FOR CHANNEL GLASS Light-diffusing Lamberts® channel glass allows large amounts of natural light to enter the space, while simultaneously controlling it during the day. It is ideal for buildings that require high levels of daylight and where visual transparency is not a necessity. Look to channel glass if the project meets 1 or more of these conditions: Project calls for: Channel glass delivers: As few as 3 installers STC ≤ 43 OITC ≤ 36 U-Value ≥ 0.19 Curve radius ≥ 7ft. Cont. length ≤ 23ft. VLT ≤ 77% High-quality, diffused daylight is key – many times more desirable than perfectly clear views There is an opportunity for large glazed openings – long runs of glass up to 23 ft. tall Glazed walls feature curves or glass-to-glass corners There are structural weight limits on the building The glass has to meet high thermal performance targets Exterior glass walls to offer combined thermal & acoustic insulation Interior walls that provide daylight together with acoustic & visual privacy The site is tight or does not allow the use of heavy installation equipment Weight ≤ 5.25 lbs/ft²