58 H-60 (DOUBLE-GLAZED) HORIZONTAL UNITIZED FACADE SYSTEM Bendheim offers the only true unitized channel glass systems in North America. They are designed to be shop-assembled by the glazier under controlled, clean conditions, offering improved quality control and shorter construction schedules. Our award-winning H-60 system provides several benefits to building budgets. Its fast installation contributes real savings in labor time and costs. In conditions requiring safety glass, the system may also allow a cost-effective mix of tempered channels at the bottom and all remaining channels in budget-smart conventional annealed glass. H-60 can be vertically and horizontally linked to create a curtain wall. The dead load of each glass channel is taken by the jambs. The system accommodates channel glass in all textures (profiles with 60 mm flanges). Approx. Dimensions: – – Head = 1.6” (41 mm); Sill = 1.7” (43 mm); Jambs = 3.4” (87 mm) – – Depth = 5.25” (130 mm) – – Max width = up to 23 ft. (7 m), depending on wind loads – – Max floor deflection = ¾” (19 mm) Configurations: Conventional interlocking Curved (custom) Pictured right: Schermerhorn House (Affordable Housing), Brooklyn, NY by Polshek Partnership Architects. The architects used channel glass in a highly creative manner for this budget- sensitive project. The combination of the choice of glass, pre-assembly, and quick enclosure was a ‘home-run’ for the project schedule and budget. The horizontal orientation of the channels maximizes the use of annealed glass and minimizes the amount of costlier tempered glass (only the bottom two channels in a unit are tempered). Commingling Rough Cast™ textured channels with the occasional Clarissimo™ vision channels eliminates the need for separate window units. The project’s location above a subway station – requiring a lightweight curtain wall – made channel glass an ideal solution, as well. At only approx. 12 lbs. per sq. ft. fully assembled, it was a perfect fit. The high recycled content of the glass and its daylighting contribution were also key to the project’s environmental goals. Unitizing the system enabled the hoisting and anchoring of each unit in approx. 30 minutes, allowing the building to be enclosed quickly. Photos by David Sundberg and Jim Donoghue.