44 INTERIOR WALL SYSTEMS (DOUBLE AND SINGLE-GLAZED) KEY BENEFITS: – – Outstanding acoustic performance: double-glazed insulated channel glass walls can reach STC 43 – better than 4.5″ (114 mm) batt-insulated interior stud wall (STC 39) – – Create seamless expansive walls, up to 23 ft. (7 m) tall, featuring glass-to-glass corners and serpentine curves – – No vertical metal supports required – – The perfect budget-smart solution for tall curved partition walls: the segmented channels turn curves and corners without the need for complex, costly glass bending – – Textured channel glass offers a sense of privacy – – Walls diffuse and control daylight and minimize glare – – Systems are highly adaptable: can easily tie-in vision areas, change elevations & planes, orient the glass channels vertically or horizontally – – Frames can be specified in a variety of finishes and a virtually unlimited custom color palette – – Vertical or horizontal channel glass orientation – – Unique frame designs permit “dry-joint” assembly, eliminating silicone sealants, speeding installation, and reducing labor and material costs Ballinger Architects Offices, Philadelphia, PA by Ballinger. Framed openings punched through the channel glass office fronts bring a sense of mystery and discovery. Channel glass makes it easier to create complex curvilinear walls that control daylight and provide the desired amount of visual and acoustic privacy. Double-glazed channel glass partition walls simultaneously: attenuate sound better than stud walls of the same thickness (STC 43 versus STC 39), establish a sense of privacy, maintain daylighting advantages, and create seamless curves and glass-to-glass corners reaching heights up to 23 ft. (7 m).