Virtually Limitless Decorative Glass Options Select from hundreds of in-stock safety tempered & laminated* Bendheim glass varieties – in a range of colors, patterns, and finishes – or collaborate with our design consultants to create one of the custom solutions Bendheim has become known for since our founding in 1927: Back-Painted Glass Mirrored Glass Etched Glass Textured Glass Unlimited colors with precision spec- trometer matching & best-in-industry, third-party-tested, baked-in coatings Variety of in-stock colors & finishes, including antique mirrors; amplifies light; creates a sense of openness Light-diffusing surfaces & patterns, superior to particle-blasted glass & resistant to permanent stains Largest selection of in-stock designs; light-diffusing textures are ideal for backlighting applications * Bendheim safety tempered and/or laminated glass meets the requirements for ANSI Z97.1 and the Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC 16FR Part 1201 – Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials Decorative Laminated Glass Artisanal Mouth-Blown Glass Digitally Printed Glass Dry-Erase Marker Boards Tremendous design flexibility with a wide range of interlayer types, designs & lamination methods Humanizing hand-made aesthetic in a collection of over 500 in-stock colors & designs Offers the greatest design flexibility: virtually unlimited custom patterns, images, colors, fades Maintenance-friendly, non-ghosting glass boards; magnetic & projectable options available