TurnKey™ Inspiration & Development Wall-F rainscreen system, used indoors, adds depth, dimensionality & dynamic reflections to walls, creating a kinetic quality R&D efforts to miniaturize the Wall-F fitting for interiors produced several successful proto- types & the low-profile TurnKey™ channel Applications • Lobbies, feature walls, donor walls, writable wall claddings • Floor-to-ceiling glass walls install with ease, even when floor plans are constricted or elevators & doorways are narrow • Cost-effective backlit feature walls through the integrated LED option • Mix and match panel sizes & glass styles to create Mondrian-type walls • Orient panels vertically or horizontally • Use custom shapes as highlights or to create unique wall geometries Principal Financial Group HQ, Des Moines, IA by OPN Architects 1.65” (42 mm) 1.10” (28 mm)