BENDHEIM TURN KEY Quick-Assembly Interior Glass Wall Cladding Built to Last the Lifetime of Your Interior In today’s dynamic mobile world, why should your elegant glass be permanently stuck? Install it with speed & ease using the patented TurnKey™ clip-in system. It is a budget-friendly solution for opaque & backlit walls alike. Panels can be replaced quickly and effortlessly without damaging the wall behind – great for donor walls, as well as brand color and graphic updates: • Allows the use of transparent & translucent glass types for backlighting applications • Adds a dynamic quality & dimensionality to walls with any glass type • The clip-in system is very forgiving and adjusts easily on site • Fast, easy, inexpensive to install and maintain Advantages New ultra-petite fitting design – smaller than traditional standoffs Reliable mechanical fittings – no dependence on adhesives Fittings & channels available in any RAL color Allows installers much greater tolerances, speeding installation & minimizing labor costs Patented quick-assembly: the fastest, most user-friendly interior glass cladding system to install & maintain Maintenance staff can easily replace panels to service systems behind the glass; special training or expertise not required Cost-effective integrated LED lighting available with translucent Bendheim glass options Actual Fitting Size