Bendheim Introduces New Educational Website on Architectural Rainscreen Claddings

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In the United States, water damage is the second most frequently filed property insurance claim, accounting for $11 billion in damages annually. Water damage from moisture and condensation is one of the leading causes of facade failure, and can ultimately lead to the deterioration of building structures, damage to finishes, mold and mildew growth, and a decline in interior air-quality. However, this type of destruction is preventable with the use of a rainscreen. The over-cladding system stands off from a building’s weather-resistant barrier, effectively cloaking and protecting it from water ingress, while controlling moisture drainage and evaporation.
Bendheim’s new website on rainscreen claddings is positioned as the most comprehensive resource on the technology and its benefits. Designed to help educate building owners, occupants, and design professionals, the site identifies the advantages of this architectural over-cladding method in a single, visual, and easy-to-understand way, complete with:
  • Illustrated explanation of the rainscreen principle
  • Case studies
  • Installation & maintenance information
With a rise in demand for high-quality, durable, and healthy buildings, rainscreen systems provide a clear advantage. They offer tested, long-term moisture protection to new buildings and allow the rehabilitation and reuse of old ones, with minimal or no disruption to occupants. Bendheim’s new website illustrates how a rainscreen successfully protects buildings for posterity, as well as how flexible and easy-to-install rainscreens can be for both retrofit and new building applications.
The website includes clear, illustrated explanations of rainscreen system technology, a history of the rainscreen principle, target applications, case studies, installation videos, and a curated list of industry-leading resources for additional information. To learn more, visit
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