Bendheim’s Precision Color Matching Capabilities Bring Pantone® Color of the Year “Greenery” to Architectural Glass

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Bendheim is expanding its collection of color-matched architectural glass with Spring-ready “Greenery”– the 2017 Pantone® Color of the Year. This marks the third year in a row the company demonstrates its advanced custom color capabilities by showcasing glass in the latest design-savvy palettes. The introduction allows architects and designers to incorporate the on-trend, nature-centric green hue into building interiors and exteriors through durable, maintenance-friendly architectural glass.

The vibrant “Greenery” is now available in several Bendheim glass varieties: from back-painted and colored laminated glass to artisanal mouth-blown glass.

With so many colors vying for designers’ attention, composing a project palette requires time and dedication. Translating each painstakingly selected color into a viable building material becomes key to the design process. Bendheim’s dedicated color experts help building professionals tackle the challenge thorough:

  • Spectrometer-assisted color matching
  • The purest low-iron glass and mirrors
  • Industry-leading color formulations

“We inherited the passion for glass and color from our grandparents, who founded Bendheim as a premier resource for colored glass to the stained glass industry,” said Donald Jayson, third-generation co-owner and Senior Vice President of Bendheim. “Today, architects and designers come to us to produce a variety of custom colors in glass, including special branded hues that require the utmost precision. We obsess over the color process… and achieve tolerances that are among the very best in the industry.”

Bendheim offers endless color possibilities in glass through multiple spectrometer-assisted color techniques, including various types of lamination, fritting, and painting.

Back-painted glass is among the company’s most popular colored glass varieties. It is available in a range of surface finishes, including satin-smooth, anti-glare etch. Back-painted glass offers architects and designers unparalleled color customization, and is one of the first choices for wall cladding applications. Bendheim leads in quality, with its third-party-tested, baked-in color formulations. The company’s environmentally-friendly, in-house painting process produces 100% VOC-free back-painted glass with quick turnaround.

Bendheim has the ability to create Greenery—and hundreds of other shades—as part of its award-winning Glamir™ and Jelly Bean™ laminated glass collections. Using specialty low-iron glass and mirror, these collections allow the true specified colors to be produced. Further customization includes color gradients, proprietary patterns, textures, and more.

In the upmarket spectrum, bespoke mouth-blown architectural glass is a true expression of luxury and refinement. Each two-foot-by-three-foot artisanal glass sheet is made by hand. While Bendheim’s stock of nearly 500 mouth-blown glass colors, including over 50 shades of green, offers abundant design possibilities, custom colors can also be formulated to produce glass that is unique in every way – from its varied hand-made surfaces, to its color-determining mineral composition.

Bendheim’s consultative-design team brings decades of specialty architectural glass experience to building and design professionals. Architects and designers: please contact us for assistance with your custom architectural glass projects.

About Bendheim

Bendheim, founded in New York City in 1927, is one of the foremost resources for specialty architectural glass. The fourth-generation, family-owned company stocks over 2,000 architectural glass varieties and offers virtually unlimited custom design solutions. Bendheim develops and distributes its products worldwide, maintaining glass production facilities in New Jersey and an extensive to-the-trade showroom in Tribeca, New York City.