New Bendheim Water-Jet Glass Cutting Machine Brings Increased Production Capabilities

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Bendheim’s new extra-large capacity water jet cutting machine will speed up production on specialty-cut architectural glass orders, including template cuts, cut-outs, holes and notches, and will allow production of extremely complex shapes. Bendheim expects full operation to begin mid-October.

Bendheim’s water jet is equipped with a dynamic cutting head, allowing precision-cutting of complex shapes and curves at straight 90-degree angles, independent of the object’s thickness. In addition to glass, the water jet will cut metal, stone and composite materials.
The new manufacturing capability will enable Bendheim to offer more than 1,500 varieties of its art glasses to the architectural community, including Lamberts’ fine mouth-blown colored glasses, in precision-cut and laminated form. The company will also be able to offer their specialty decorative glasses in tile form.
The new equipment will be added to Bendheim’s advanced computer numerical control (CNC) milling machine and cutting tables at their processing facility in Passaic, N.J.
About Bendheim

Bendheim is one of the world’s foremost resources for specialty architectural glass. Founded in New York City in 1927, the fourth-generation, family-owned company offers a virtually unlimited range of in-stock and custom architectural glass varieties. Bendheim develops, fabricates, and distributes its products worldwide. The company maintains production facilities in New Jersey and an extensive showroom in New York City