Introducing Z-KISS™: Engineered Concealed-Attachment Glass Cladding System

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New Interior Cladding System Designed and Produced in USA

Bendheim’s new patent-pending Z-KISS system features fewer components and stronger connections, creating a robust glass cladding with an elegant frameless aesthetic. The streamlined, “simpler” engineered solution is also easier and quicker to install.

The system consists of our proprietary “KISS” mechanical hanging hardware, factory-attached to any of the company’s fully customizable opaque decorative glass varieties. The hardware is secured to the back of the glass with a proprietary adhesive that is stronger than VHB tapes and silicones by a factor of three. In testing, the Z-KISS system exceeded the requirements for the ASTM D1002 Standard for Lap Shear Strength.

Z-KISS Installation

“Z-KISS was conceived as an enhanced, fully engineered, integrated, and tested alternative to traditional Z-clip fastening systems,” stated Said Elieh, Bendheim VP of Systems & Innovation. “It requires fewer horizontal hanging brackets and provides a reliable mechanical support for the dead load of the glass.”

Among the key Z-KISS innovations is its low profile – it stands only 5/16” from the wall. The system can be specified with an optional integrated kick plate, and is available in a wide range of custom colors to coordinate with the glass or other interior finishes. Z-KISS can handle large cladding panels in either direction, and is ideal for lobbies and expansive feature walls.

Concealed glass attachment

Concealed glass attachment

The range of Z-KISS aesthetic options is virtually unlimited, including hundreds of in-stock back-painted and mirrored Bendheim glass varieties, as well as laminated, patterned, and digitally printed custom creations. The glass is provided in safety tempered or laminated form. Maximum panel size depends on the specified design, typically up to 60” x 120”. Glass thicknesses range from 1/4” to 1/2”.

The system’s “out-of-box” installation saves time and labor costs. The glass and galvanized steel hardware are delivered pre-fabricated and ready to hang. Completing the installation requires hand tools and the proper wall-mounting screws to secure the aluminum brackets to the wall. A 1-minute installation video is available here:

Bendheim warrants its integrated Z-KISS system for 10 years. For more information, please visit

About Bendheim

Bendheim is one of the world’s foremost resources for specialty architectural glass. Founded in New York City in 1927, the fourth-generation, family-owned company offers a virtually unlimited range of in-stock and custom architectural glass varieties. Bendheim develops, fabricates, and distributes its products worldwide. The company maintains production facilities in New Jersey and an extensive showroom in New York City