New Houdini Glass Collection by Bendheim Addresses Evolving Office Privacy Needs

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Bendheim is announcing the latest addition to its family of micro-fluted privacy glass: Houdini Unlocked. The innovative architectural glass collection delivers the highest levels of visual and acoustic privacy. It also enhances interiors with its refined aesthetic and daylighting abilities.

Houdini’s fine linear texture obscures the shapes of people and objects to such an extent, they seem to disappear, transformed into abstract glimmers of light and motion. This unique optical quality provides the ultimate balance of daylight and privacy. In laminated form, Houdini also adds sound control benefits. It is a cost-effective, foolproof alternative to complex daylight control devices.

In opaque form – back-painted or laminated to mirror – Houdini Unlocked allows design professionals to extend the contemporary linear aesthetic to wall surfaces. The micro-fluted glass creates a crisp, sparkling appearance, adding dimension and rhythm to the space.

The new Collection can enhance any setting that calls for elegance and privacy, including healthcare, educational, and office facilities. For example, an architect designing a new workspace for a tech startup may need a tailored alternative to the open-office concept. However, blocking natural light with opaque walls and doors detracts from employee comfort and productivity. Both collaborative and concentrated work is fostered by daylight-friendly, anti-glare Houdini glass partitions. Engineers preferring privacy can disappear behind the obscuring glass. Collaborative teams are still connected through open-plan workstations, with daylight pouring in through the peripheral glass walls.

The range of the new Houdini Unlocked Collection includes: ultra-clear (low-iron) and bronze laminated glass, woven patterns, plaid and chicken wire interlayers, back-painted colors, as well as gold and bronze mirror finishes.

“The original Houdini glass has been very well received by the design world. Now, we are expanding the palette,” said Steven Jayson, Bendheim’s Vice President. “We are adding the ability to specify Houdini in a color or style that complements each unique project. We’re excited to see designers take it to the next level.”

As a valuable partner, Bendheim’s team brings decades of specialty architectural glass experience to building and design professionals throughout the design process, from concept to completion. To learn more, please visit

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