Announcing HardShell® Coating for Back-Painted Glass with Extended Warranty & “How It’s Made” Video

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We are proud to introduce HardShell® color coating for back-painted glass with extended 10-year warranty. The durable, third-party-tested coating creates luminous glass wall surfaces that are completely customizable, durable, and easy to install and maintain.

“The rollout of our extended warranty is in response to phenomenal customer feedback, reflecting confidence in the long-life practicality and aesthetic performance of our back-painted glass,” said Steven Jayson, Bendheim Vice President and co-owner. “Leading glazing contractors have expressed that Bendheim’s color coatings are the best in the industry, most workable and installer-friendly.”

Bendheim's TurnKey™ wall cladding system featuring HardShell® coated back-painted glass.

Bendheim’s TurnKey™ wall cladding system featuring HardShell® coated back-painted glass.

Our proprietary HardShell® colors are formulated specifically for back-painted glass. They are baked onto the glass at approx. 600 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure superior adhesion and durability, allowing the glass to be trimmed, hydro-cut, and polished by the glazier without damaging the color. Our back-painted glass is 100% fabricated in the USA, using the latest color calibration and application techniques, as seen in our “How It’s Made” video:

Bendheim Glass Back-Painting Line

Bendheim glass back-painting line

Back-painted glass is a healthy – naturally hygienic and VOC-free – wall surfacing material. It is ideal for high-traffic interior applications, such as commercial lobbies and bathrooms, hospitality interiors, retail, and restaurant environments. It is also used as non-ghosting dry-erase marker boards, grout-free back-splashes, table tops, and counter tops.

The glass is available in a virtually unlimited palette of UV-stable, eco-safe HardShell® colors – from warm vibrant pinks and reds to delicate off-whites, including “Metropolitan,” the newly announced 2019 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year. It can be specified in a range of glass surface options, including low-iron textures and anti-glare SatinTech etched finishes, in sizes up to 60 by 120 inches.

"Palest Grey Satin" Etched Back-Painted Glass

Etched HardShell® coated back-painted glass in “Palest Grey” viewed from a distance.

In another nod to glazing contractors and installers, we recently debuted our quick-assembly TurnKey wall cladding system that speeds and simplifies back-painted glass installation. The system replaces the traditional honeycomb or plywood backing, VHB tapes, and silicones with easy-to-use clip attachments.

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