Bendheim Publishes Case Study on Daylight-Friendly Office Design for Today and Post-COVID

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Curved Walls of Channel Glass Create Circular Flow through the Office and Facilitate Physical Separation

Our newest case study reveals the intended and unexpected benefits of its curved channel glass wall design at the new FlightHub Office by ACDF Architecture. The daylight and privacy-friendly circular channel glass partition creates an efficient flow that facilitates social distancing. The translucent glass separates the space while maintaining a sense of connectivity.

curved channel glass walls

FlightHub Office, Montreal, QC by ACDF Architecture. Photo by Maxime Brouillet.

The 18-page publication details how the double-glazed channel glass wall solution addresses the design challenges. The case study includes sections dedicated to budget-friendly design, sustainability, and acoustic, visual, and physical privacy. Feedback from the architect and installer describes the collaborative aspect of the design, while our detail drawings illustrate how the channel glass maps into the layout and ties into other systems. Approximately twenty images bring the FlightHub office design to life.

Channel glass is a translucent, three-dimensional, textured glass produced in several widths ranging from 9″ to 19″ and lengths up to 23 feet. Its signature U-channel shape adds great strength and makes it self-supporting, allowing it to create long uninterrupted spans of glass with minimal framing elements.

curved channel glass walls

FlightHub Office, Montreal, QC by ACDF Architecture. Photo courtesy of DiVETRO.

Our double-glazed walls are formed of rows of individual glass channels, facing one another – flanges in. The flanges create a cavity that is filled with air or insulation inserts, providing outstanding acoustic properties. The textured glass obscures views through the wall, while transmitting soft, diffused light. Channel glass walls are ideal for privacy and daylighting applications – a contemporary solution for the new challenges office designers face today.

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