Our Channel Glass Receives Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

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In celebration of Earth Day, we are  pleased to announce that our Lamberts® channel glass has received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), confirming the eco advantages of this exceptional building material. The glass is a powerful design element, known for producing a clean, luminous aesthetic, combined with energy performance and sound control benefits.

Sainsbury Wellcome Center | Bendheim Channel Glass Project

Sainsbury Wellcome Center, London, England by Ian Ritchie Architects. Photo by Marcela Grassi.

“We took a risk implementing eco advancements at a time when large multi-national glass companies refused to spearhead this type of innovation”


The EPD allows architects to easily incorporate our channel glass into their next sustainable, LEED-certified project. The internationally standardized evaluation provides full disclosure of the glass’ environmental footprint. It confirms Lamberts’ achievement of CO2 emissions below the industry standard.

As a result of this data transparency, architects are now able to create double-glazed channel glass facades with a demonstrably lower carbon footprint than most traditional curtain walls. The exceptional CO2 performance of channel glass is due to the manufacturer’s decades-long commitment to eco innovation, including:

  • The use of oxygen and natural gas to fire the glass-melting furnace
  • The implementation of 100% renewable electricity throughout the factory

Known for creating gleaming, never-ending translucent façades and interior partitions up to 23 feet tall, our Lamberts® EcoGlass™ channel glass contains up to 40% post-consumer recycled material. Bendheim, the exclusive supplier of this glass in North America, introduced the product to the US market in the early 2000s.

Since the 1970s, Lamberts has practiced its own strict environmental policies, even before industry-wide ecological regulations were established in Germany. More than 20 years ago, the company installed an oxygen-assisted furnace, becoming one of the first glass factories to reduce its CO2 emissions.

“We took a risk implementing eco advancements at a time when large multi-national glass companies refused to spearhead this type of innovation,” said Christoph Lamberts, fourth-generation Lamberts owner. “We believed a better solution existed – one that combined our economic and ecological interests – and we are proud to be recognized for our commitment to sustainability.”

In addition to its favorable EPD declaration, Lamberts® LINIT EcoGlass™ channel glass has obtained the following certifications: ISO 9001: 2015 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management, and ISO 50001 for energy management.

About Bendheim

Bendheim is one of the world’s foremost resources for specialty architectural glass. Founded in New York City in 1927, the fourth-generation, family-owned company offers a virtually unlimited range of in-stock and custom architectural glass varieties. Bendheim develops, fabricates, and distributes its products worldwide. The company maintains production facilities in New Jersey and an extensive showroom in New York City