Versatile Wall-F Glass System from Bendheim Clads Denver Airport Elevator

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Streamlined style suits modern design of expanded concourse


At Denver International Airport, a newly expanded gate concourse features the our exceptionally versatile Wall-F Glass system in a new role: as a strikingly simple elevator enclosure.

The Concourse C East expansion project employs a spare, minimalist aesthetic designed to maximize focus on dramatic views of the runways. Seeking to limit visual obstruction, project architects sought to create a clear glass elevator shaft with the bare minimum of visible hardware. Our Wall-F Compression Fitting Glass system, originally designed for exterior rainscreen applications, allowed them to achieve their goal.

Opening ceremony of the gate with Bendheim's clipped glass system at the elevator.

Denver International Airport, Denver, CO by Jacobs. Photo courtesy of Jacobs.

“Our design intent was to maximize transparency for the elevator hoistway,” noted Bryan Smith, Senior Design Architect at Jacobs. “We liked the clean aesthetic of the Bendheim clip system and felt it was more transparent than the typical pin supported system.” Installation was completed by PCI Metro.

Our Wall-F Glass system has been tested to meet the AAMA 509-09 standard for drained and back-ventilated rainscreens, certifying its effectiveness in preventing water from reaching a building’s façade. While originally intended for that purpose, this highly versatile option suits many interior applications as well.

In the case of the new airport elevator, the Wall-F compression fittings secured the glass across the 8-foot spans between steel supports. The 2” x 4” compression fittings were installed at the corners only, without any need to drill holes in the glass. In an elevator application, drilled holes in the glass create weak points that could be negatively affected by the elevator’s vibrations. A compression-based system also ensures easier installation, with greater opportunities to adjust in the field.

Elevator enclosure with Bendheim's clipped glass system.

The Concourse C East project utilized our ½” low iron tempered/laminated glass. The use of tempered and laminated glass was essential for strength and safety, especially given that the hoistway’s ceiling is glass as well. The clarity of low-iron glass allowed the designers to integrate the elevator into the space and provide optimal lines of sight to the outdoors.

The DEN Gate Expansion project, completed last May, increased the gate capacity of Denver’s busy airport by 30%. The Concourse C East expansion added a total of 530,000 square feet, including 16 new gates, 20 new passenger waiting areas, and new traveler amenities such as nursing rooms, charging stations, an outdoor pet relief area, and a large outdoor deck complete with firepits. The additional gates will be operated by Southwest Airlines, making DEN the largest Southwest hub in the United States.

Said Elieh, Vice President for Sales at Bendheim, noted: “We are in an exciting moment when it comes to the renewal of our nation’s infrastructure. The unique capacities of our different cladding systems provide almost unlimited scope for architects’ creativity, whether the project is interior or exterior.”

Elevator enclosure with Bendheim's clipped glass system.

We offer a wide array of glass choices that can be coupled with the Wall-F Glass system. With our Design Assist service, architects, designers, and contractors have the ability to streamline the specification and installation processes. As a true project partner, we can help guide selection from the design stage forward, ensuring that the elements chosen will meet both budget and performance requirements.

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