Our Gradient Glass Enhances the Shopping Experience at Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour

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More Than 3,000 Square Feet of Fade® Architectural Glass Brightens Multi-Level Designer Store in Shopping Mecca

Architects collaborated with Bendheim to create a range of gradient glass varieties for a renovation at Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour in Miami. Purposeful variations in the glass colors and translucency were used to define distinct areas and serve various functions throughout the space – from blush Fade® mirror cladding in the cosmetics department to vibrant prismatic glass escalator surrounds and product backdrops.

More than 3,000 square feet of our tailored Fade glass was included in the two-year renovation, which extended across three floors. Cincinnati-based NELSON Worldwide, formerly FRCH Nelson, collaborated on the project with HVC Global Design of New York. The renovation focused on modernizing the shopping experience at the store, which has been part of Bal Harbour Shops since 1976. The open-air shopping destination is home to more than 100 of the world’s most famous and luxurious fashion and jewelry brands. It is one of the highest grossing shopping centers in the world.

Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbor | Bendheim Architectural Glass Project

Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour, Miami, FL by based NELSON Worldwide. Photos courtesy of Miller Glass & Glazing.

Architects selected laminated glass with customized color interlayers that smoothly transition in hue across the entire height of the glass. According to our Natalia Naleeva, the objective was to create a morning sky appearance in one level, an afternoon sky in another and, finally, an evening sky for the final layer.

“You cannot see where one color starts and the other ends,’’ said Naleeva, who worked with the architects and Saks’ design team to develop the glass. “It’s a very subtle transition. The hardest part was to get the right intensity of color. It had to be really subtle and delicate.”

Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbor | Bendheim Architectural Glass Project

Most panels in the project are 16 inches wide by 143 inches tall. The glass was manufactured by Bendheim in New Jersey, and installed on-site by Miller Glass & Glazing of Pompano Beach. Our sales, sampling, and production teams collaborated closely with the architect team to create the various gradient graphics required.

“We also had to be very careful fabricating the glass,’’ Naleeva said. “The interlayers are made of a delicate material that cannot be packed, nor placed on an uneven surface. We had to handle them with care.”

Bendheim’s decorative laminated glass can feature a wide range of interlayers, including graphic prints, color filters, metals, textiles, wood veneers, and more. The glass offers the highest level of design flexibility, allowing the creation of virtually unlimited aesthetics for a range of applications, from hotels and cultural buildings to medical centers.

Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbor | Bendheim Architectural Glass Project

Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour, Miami, FL by based NELSON Worldwide. Photo courtesy of Miller Glass & Glazing.

“The design in this application is beautiful, but there are also distinct functional benefits,’’ Naleeva said. “While the glass is relatively see-through, it adds a layer of privacy in the escalator area. At the same time, it allows light to travel into the space, while lending a colorful touch.”

“The Saks Fifth Avenue project demonstrates our commitment to design excellence and our collaborative team spirit,” said Ben Jayson, Bendheim President. “With innovative thinking and improved technology, we are continuing to push the envelope to help architects meet their project requirements.”

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