International A+Awards for Architecture and Design Recognize Two Bendheim Glass Products

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Artisanal Mouth-Blown Glass & Houdini Privacy Glass Chosen as Finalists in the Glass & Glazing Category

We are proud to announce that two of our architectural glass products are finalists in Architizer’s prestigious A+Awards program for architecture and design. Lamberts® Mouth-Blown Art Glass and Houdini Privacy Glass were chosen for their “established level of quality” and ability to enhance architecture and occupant comfort.

Both Bendheim products were selected from numerous “Foundation Category” submissions representing “well-known” and “trustworthy” building solutions. According to the Architizer blog, “Foundation” products “represent the fundamental products and design solutions that matter most, project after project — these are the “tried and true” building-products that every practicing architect should know.”

Biomedicum | Back-Lit Art Glass
Biomedicum, Sweden by C.F. Möller Architects. Photo by Mark Hadden.

Bendheim’s Lamberts Artisanal Art Glass is mouth-blown using centuries-old methods practiced in Germany. It begins with a gather of molten glass at the end of a glassblower’s pipe, which is continuously blown and spun to create an elongated bubble. The bubble is further worked, eventually emerging at the end of the process as a sheet of glass approx. 2 by 3 ft. in size (see video). An unmistakable characteristic of this artisanal process, no two glass pieces are completely alike. Minute differences in the design and details of each hand-made sheet lend Lamberts glass its unique character. We complete the fabrication of the glass for architectural applications through lamination, in order to meet safety building codes.

Mouth-Blown Glass Production
Mouth-blown glass production at Glashütte Lamberts, Germany

Lamberts Art Glass is ideal for feature walls and windows introducing a humanizing artisanal element to civic and commercial architecture. Daylight filtered through its hand-made textures and colors becomes dappled, lending color and texture to interiors and enhancing the sense of connection to the outdoors. The glass can also be used as an artistic cladding for back-lit lobby walls, columns, and central staircases.

Houdini Unlocked
“Houdini Unlocked” video

Bendheim’s Houdini Privacy Glass is a specialized micro-fluted textured glass allowing maximum daylight transmission, while perfectly obscuring views. The prismatic glass bends the light so that objects viewed through it disappear completely (see video). Houdini is made of low-iron, ultra-clear glass displaying only the very slightest greenish-blue tint, thus providing a higher degree of light transmission than standard clear glass.

Houdini glass provides the needed solution for “clear glass that you can’t see through.” It is ideal for projects requiring a high level of visual privacy, including healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, and offices.

With a global audience of 400+ million, the Architizer A+Awards is the largest program focused on promoting and celebrating the year’s best architecture and products. Its mission is to champion the appreciation of meaningful architecture and its positive impact on everyday life. This year’s product judges include world-renowned architects Annabelle Selldorf of Selldorf Architects, Carol Ross Barney of Ross Barney Architects, and David Rockwell of Rockwell Group, among others.

About Bendheim

Bendheim is one of the world’s foremost resources for specialty architectural glass. Founded in New York City in 1927, the fourth-generation, family-owned company offers a virtually unlimited range of in-stock and custom architectural glass varieties. Bendheim develops, fabricates, and distributes its products worldwide. The company maintains production facilities in New Jersey and an extensive showroom in New York City