Introducing QuicKISS™ Heavy-Duty Magnetic Dry-Erase Glass Boards

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Quick-Ship, Quick-Install Marker Boards Feature New Patent-Pending Hanging System

Our QuicKISS magnetic glass boards are the latest in heavy-duty dry-erase glass whiteboards. They combine strength, a slim profile, and long-life practicality, as well as easy installation and maintenance. They are ideal for use in contemporary­ educational, meeting, and workplace settings.

QuicKISS in a conference room


Strength: QuicKISS magnetic glass boards comprise tempered safety glass laminated to galvanized steel. Tested to withstand a 400 pound-force (lbf) impact, they passed completely intact, without any breakage or visible damage (please see our 2-minute durability video below). The boards meet the requirements for the Consumer Product Safety Commission Standard 16 CFR 1201 Cat. II and ANSI Z97.1.


Sustainability: The ultra-white color of the boards derives from our use of low-iron back-painted glass, coated with our sustainable HardShell® glass paints. HardShell® colors are water-based and eco-safe, producing long-lasting, 100% VOC-free glass marker boards. They are baked at a high temperature onto the glass to ensure superior adhesion and durability.

Attachment: Our patent-pending QuicKISS glass board attachment method features a concealed, low-profile (approx. 5/16”), integrated steel hanging mechanism, contributing to the board’s strength and durability. A nod to “simpler,” smarter engineered solutions, the KISS method relies on fewer individual components and stronger connections between them. The result is a tougher dry-erase glass board, improved magnetic function, slimmer profile, and quicker “out-of-box” installation (please see 1-minute video below).


Ease of Maintenance: Naturally hygienic and non-porous, QuicKISS glass boards are non-ghosting and wear well over time. Even permanent markers erase without a trace using a standard glass cleaner – no harsh chemicals needed. For best results, we recommend using wet- or dry-erase markers and strong rare-earth magnets, such as the magnets included with QuicKISS orders.

quick-ship magnetic dry-erase glass board


Product Evolution: The new QuicKISS collection represents years of Bendheim R&D, working with the A&D community to refine and expand our magnetic glass marker board offering. According to Donald Jayson, Bendheim Co-Owner and Executive VP, “the new QuicKISS glass board system has the potential to shift Bendheim’s model – and possibly the entire industry – towards smarter, more streamlined engineered hanging systems.”

QuicKISS glass boards are designed and manufactured by Bendheim in the USA. They are available in four quick-ship sizes: 24” x 36”, 36” x 48”, 48” x 72”, and 48” x 96”. Custom sizes, colors, and imprints can also be specified (longer lead times apply). For more information on our dry-erase glass boards, please visit

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