Bendheim Glasses Feature in Better Homes & Gardens Kitchen + Bath Makeovers Bathroom Transformation

Kitchen + Bath Makeovers Summer 2011
Bendheim glasses feature in Better Homes and Gardens’ Kitchen + Bath Makeovers
Bendheim etched cabinet glass inserts
Opaque, back-painted cabinet glass inserts conceal clutter
Obscuring glass insert in pocket door
Patterned glass insert in pocket door provides daylight and privacy

Three Great Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom with Bendheim Cabinet Glass

Three Bendheim Cabinet Glasses complement a recently renovated 1957 bathroom. The remodel is featured in the Summer 2011 issue of Better Homes and Gardens’ Kitchen + Bath Makeovers™
Designer Heather Hardt was challenged to create a budget-friendly renovation plan for a two-in-one master bathroom divided by a pocket door. Ultimately, Hardt preserved the existing footprint to develop “two separate baths in one compact space.”
To maintain privacy while allowing natural light to flow through, the old pocket door was replaced with a new one featuring Bendheim’s European Clear Fine Leaf Glass. Bendheim’s Architectural Division provided the glass in safety laminated form in combination with a custom translucent white interlayer.
“You can be naked on one side and have visitors on the other – no worries,” the article quotes Hardt.
The glass also plays an important design role. The organic, nature-inspired pattern balances the predominantly geometric aesthetic of the bathroom, adding warmth and sophistication to the decor.
Another key feature of the update is the addition of storage. Stock cabinets, prepped to receive glass inserts, provided great savings to the homeowners and allowed them to select their own cabinet glass for a custom look. Bendheim’s back-painted Italian White Satin Glass brightens up the dark chocolate-glazed cherry cabinets and conceals their contents. Its ultra-smooth, satin-like glass surface is highly resistant to dirt and stains and is easy to maintain.
To complete the new look and expand the storage capacity of the bathroom, European Clear Tree Bark glass shelves add an elegant touch.
The article emphasizes the importance of first-class details in the execution of any remodel. Hardt stated: “We took money initially earmarked for moving walls or plumbing and instead used it for high-quality materials that will serve this family for a long time.” 


About Bendheim
Bendheim, the resource for specialty glass since 1927, offers more than 2,000 decorative glass types in stock and unlimited custom design solutions. The third-generation, family-owned company develops, imports, and distributes its products worldwide. Bendheim maintains production facilities in New Jersey and an extensive showroom in Tribeca, New York City. Bendheim is the exclusive importer of Lamberts glass in North America. 

This article references the following Bendheim divisions:
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